Sorority Life on Facebook has over a hundred levels that can be attained. Progress to a higher level requires influence points, most of which are obtained from socializing.


Every few levels, another job becomes available. The salary, training cost, and severance pay, are all higher.

Because of the high training cost, it is not always profitable to upskill at every opportunity. If you are progressing fast through the levels, the additional income (plus severance pay for the previous job) may be less than the training cost of the new job if you then go for a better job a few levels on. You typically need about 100 hours (4 days) to break even. If you've advanced 4 or more levels in 4 days, you may wish you had stayed at the old job until a job two or three income steps above appeared.


You may be told "Get more opportunities when you reach level 34 ..." - and although it's sometimes wrong it's usually right in the sense that you usually get different opportunities and often bigger rewards. Activities do differ from level to level, though some stay around for a while and some may disappear at one level but reappear later. So if you are getting good at Letters in the Sand and can't find it listed at level 31 or so, be patient. It comes back soon, for a while. So does the Bake-athon for Charity Event.

The rewards (and sometimes the costs or prerequisites) may increase when you reach another level of expertise in a particular activity.

List of levelsEdit

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Early levelsEdit

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