Sorority Life changes from time to time. Not all players like all of the changes.

Details of the changes are generally announced on the application's page on the supporting website, such as Facebook. Some are just new glam, etc, and can be listed on relevant pages here.

March 2010Edit

17 March "new incentive to vote for your sisters’ style"Edit

You get a bonus and can send them a free gift if you use the button on the catwalk screen.

6 March, Change to header paneEdit

The old pane contained:

The new one enlarges the stats box, including a Bank link beside the cash tally and a Spa link, covering part of what was the row of 14 tabs, which are reduced to 8: Home, Socialize, Fight, Glam, Catwalk, House Mom, Myself, My House. For Job and My Style you have to go to the Home screen, which is like the old "Main Menu". In Crowd and the question-mark are harder to find.