Achievement Badges are in-games badges that you can collect when you do special achievements.

Banking AchievementsEdit

Events AchievementsEdit

Fights AchievementsEdit

Note: It is how many "Girls Destroyed" you have, not fights won

House Size AchievementsEdit

Leveling AchievementsEdit

Jobs AchievementsEdit

Rides AchievementsEdit

Outfits AchievementsEdit

Accessories AchievementsEdit

Confidence AchievementsEdit

Energy AchievementsEdit

  • Coca-Cola - Increasing energy to 20
  • Starbucks - Increasing your energy to 40
  • Red Bull - Increasing your energy to 80
  • Fixx - Increasing your energy to 200

Stamina AchievementsEdit

Limited Edition Items Collector AchievementsEdit

Lucky AchievementsEdit

Mastery AchievementsEdit

Gift Giving (Facebook only) AchievementsEdit

Receiving Gifts (Facebook Only) AchievementsEdit

Keepsakes Collector (Facebook only) AchievementsEdit

Boyfriend Collector AchievementsEdit

Diamond Mastery AchievementsEdit

Web Savvy (MySpace Only) AchievementsEdit

  • Web Savvy - Finishing registration
  • ??? - ???
  • ??? - ???
  • ??? - ???

Keeping a Sweetheart (Facebook Only) AchievementsEdit

Stealing a Sweetheart (Facebook Only) AchievementsEdit